Anna Fadeeva

Pansy comes to life from the idea of Anna Fadeeva, whose
favourite flower as a child was indeed ‘pansy’. It is
precisely from this reference that the brand’s entire
identity is developed: delicate yet bold colours, in shades
of violet, and light floral decorations, for creations capable
of surprising not only the taste but also the eye.
A successful architect for more than ten years, with a
career in residential renovation and real estate
investment, Anna has always had a great passion for
refined aesthetics and taste, which led her to approach
the world of patisserie, ideating innovative recipes with
new combinations of ingredients.
“I decided to open Pansy with the aim of creating a
gourmet patisserie laboratory that could offer healthy and
tasty products even for those with special dietary needs”.
These are the words of Anna, who today leads Pansy with
dedication and love, supported by an expert pastry chef
with extensive experience in the preparation of Gluten
free, Lactose free and Vegan meals.


What moves us in our work and our choices

Our Values


No taste deprivation: each product is carefully prepared in terms of both taste
and aesthetics, and is designed not only for those with special needs and
intolerances, but for all those who want a good, high-quality product with
refined raw ingredients, so that no one has to give up a moment of pleasure.


Passion and love for artisanal and traditional confectionery: the Pansy Milano
team works with dedication and attention to detail on every single creation.


The Pansy Milano team is committed to constant research and
experimentation in order to always find new combinations and flavours,
capable of providing customers with unique sensorial experiences.


High quality products for everyone: so that those who exclude certain foods for
intolerances and allergies or even just for an ethical choice, do not have to give
up quality and taste.