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We work daily with passion and dedication so that the goodness and refinement of our desserts always leave you breathless!

What moves us in our work and our choices

Our Values


Our attention to quality starts from the choice of raw materials and the care of the production processes. But quality for us also means attention to the relationship with our customers and suppliers.


Passion and dedication, love for artisan and traditional pastry: we at Pansy are lucky because we do what we love daily!


Research and experimentation to always find new combinations and flavors, capable of offering unique and always new sensory experiences to our customers.


We want to offer high-quality products for everyone: because those who exclude certain foods due to intolerances/allergies or even just for the ethical choice, should not give up on quality and taste.


Anna Fadeeva

Pansy Gourmet was born from the idea of Anna, a successful architect who, after a ten-year career in the field of residential and business renovations,
and five in the world of real estate investments as a partner in a specialized company, in 2022 she opened Pansy.
The goal was to create a high-quality pastry laboratory that could offer quality, healthy and tasty products even to those suffering from food intolerances.
With a great passion for refinement in taste and aesthetics, precise and tenacious, Anna guides Pansy with dedication and love.